As a local manufacturer, we serve small businesses in manufacturing components for their products. We strive to source locally to support our local economy and neighbors. Yet, our love for fine furniture and exquisite small boat building is still the spark that flames the fire of creativity in our work.

Our founder, Thomas Hitefield, is an artisan craftsman with acute attention to detail. He discovered a love for creative woodworking in shop class but turned to mechanic work for his vocation. Here, the tight tolerances of engine work developed his appreciation for precision and excellence. He became convinced of the necessity to use the right tool for the job.

Skills were acquired and honed eventually progressing to a full-time furniture and cabinet shop in 2004. The next few years were exciting with new customers and discovering the Jeffries Wood Works as a unique source for lumber and experienced advice. Our small, 450 sq. ft., shop produced canoes and kayaks as well fully custom kitchens. Twelve years later, we relocated to a larger shop in South Knoville. We upgraded equipment and began offering manufacturing services along with our furniture and cabinets.

Hand-crafted ARTISAN woodwork using quality CNC machining is simply choosing the right tool for the job. Each and every item made with our ShopSabre CNC router can be made by hand in our shop. And in fact, most of our items require significant hands-on work before they are ready to leave our shop.

Thank you for reading our story.

We hope you’ll give us a call and let our work become a part of yours.

Thomas and Lynn

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