Mongolian Style Media Hutch


At Artisan, our history is Canoes and Cabinets. We continue to undertake commissioned, one-of-a-kind pieces to fulfil our clients vision.

From premium wood selection to luxurious clear finish, we can help you bring that piece you have in your mind to reality. Contact us to set up a time to explore your options.


CNC machining opens the door for manufacturing precision parts in wood, plastic and foam material.

At the same time, our CNC has the flexibility to carve intricate designs making it an excellent choice for signs, engravings and artistic projects.

About Us

Artisan CNC has the experience and equipment to make your vision materialize for hand-crafted furniture or custom CNC work. We embrace the truth that people are more valuable than anything we make. Through the medium of wood, we build community as we work together.

Contact Us

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