Our History

Our founder, Thomas Hitefield, is an artisan craftsman with acute attention to detail. He is described as a man of integrity who is always willing to help. It is who he is. The necessity to use the right tool (integrity) for the job (being helpful) has permeated a life dedicated to quality work and serving others.

Thomas’ woodworking developed as a creative outlet to a multi-faceted career path. He built his first kayak in 2000 progressing to full-time furniture and cabinetry as JMA’s Fine Woodworking in 2004. Our small shop was a beehive of activity as we produced canoes, custom kitchen cabinets and furniture. Twelve years later, we relocated to a larger shop in South Knoxville, upgraded equipment and began offering manufacturing services along with our furniture and cabinets as Hitefield Woodworks. Somehow, we ventured away from small boat building.

Now, we are taking both a step back and a step forward. The precision and detail of fine canoe-craft is a perfect complement to CNC carvings, signs, component and cabinet production as … Artisan Canoes and Cabinets, LLC dba Artisan CNC.

Hand-crafted ARTISAN woodwork employing quality CNC machining is choosing the right tool for the job. Each and every item made with our ShopSabre CNC router can be made by hand in our shop. And in fact, most of our items require significant hands-on work before they are ready to leave our shop.

Thank you for reading this snippet of our story. Give us a call and we’ll work to help take your story to the next chapter.